Exoclimes 2016

The Diversity of Planetary Atmospheres


1 – 4 August 2016
Quest University, Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

Topics: Planetary atmospheres from Earth to exoplanets, M-dwarfs as host stars, M-dwarf planet atmospheres, direct imaging, hot Jupiters, aerosols and clouds, early Earth, surface-atmosphere interactions, volatile delivery and loss.

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Invited Speakers:
Juno First Results – Andy Ingersoll (Caltech)
Directly Imaged Exoplanets – Beth Biller (University of Edinburgh)
Nitrogen, water, and habitability – Colin Goldblatt (University of Victoria)
Tectonics and volatile cycling – Mark Jellinek (University of British Columbia)
Planetary Atmospheres Under M-Dwarf Irradiation – Antigona Segura (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
Atmospheric Mass Loss – Ruth Murray-Clay (UC Santa Barbara)
Dynamics on Slow vs. Fast Rotators – Emily Rauscher (University of Michigan)
Climate on Eccentric Planets – Nikole Lewis (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Clouds, Microphysics, and Dynamics – Csaba Palotai (Florida Tech)
Disequilibrium Chemistry – Marcelino Agundez (Université de Bordeaux)
Hazes: Modeling vs. Reality – Sarah Horst (Johns Hopkins University)
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ExoClimes 2016 Organisers:
Nick Cowan (McGill University, co-chair)
David Sing (University of Exeter, co-chair)
Jim Davenport (Western Washington University)
Ian Dobbs-Dixon (NYU Abu Dhabi)
Joe Harrington (University of Central Florida)
Frederic Pont (University of Exeter)
Joel Schwartz (Northwestern University)
Mike Toillion (NASA, Media Production Specialist)
Paul A. Wilson (Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris, webmaster)

ExoClimes 2016 Scientific Committee:
Daniel Apai (University of Arizona)
Beth Biller (University of Edinburgh)
Jonathan Fortney (UC Santa Cruz)
Colin Goldblatt (University of Victoria)
Joe Harrington (University of Central Florida, chair)
Suzanne Hawley (University of Washington)
Lisa Kaltenegger (Cornell)
Heather Knutson (Caltech)
Adrian Lenardic (Rice University)
Victoria Meadows (University of Washington)
Julianne Moses (Space Science Institute)
Ruth Murray-Clay (UC Santa Barbara)
Ray Pierrehumbert (Oxford)
Adam Showman (University of Arizona)

ExoClimes Steering Committee:
Frederic Pont (University of Exeter)
Nick Cowan (McGill University)
Joe Harrington (University of Central Florida)

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